Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 5: Putty on the Brain

Previously in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Lord Zedd was defeated again.  This being only his second defeat, it’s not too big of a deal.  He still has time to defeat the Power Rangers.  In his second outing, he turned a baboon costume into a monster that could take on the form of any Power Ranger.  The problem was that it would lose its disguise if it saw its own reflection.  The Power Rangers used this weakness to defeat it.

What will Lord Zedd try out in this episode?  It’s looking like he’s going to use putties to do his dirty work.  I’m fine with that.  I like the putty fights more than the Zord fights anyway.  It’s nice to see the Zords every once in a while, but the putty fights feel more varied.  They are exciting because they have different settings and different combinations of moves.  I’m excited to see what the putties do in this episode.

Season 2, Episode 5: Putty on the Brain
There were a few bits and pieces of high school storyline sprinkled throughout this episode.  Billy and Zack were working on some sort of experiment and needed dark glasses to protect their eyes.  Bulk and Skull were feeding the class iguana.  That’s about it for real high school storyline.

Why were Bulk and Skull feeding the iguana?  They were found by Miss Applebee while searching the school for the Power Rangers.  It’s nice to see that this story is a continuing part of the season.  This time around, the pair have a tape recorder and are trying to match the voices of their peers to the voices of the Power Rangers.  At the end of the episode, they also try to get the iguana to sniff out the Power Rangers.  The first plan isn’t so bad.  The second one is terrible.  They don’t find out who the Power Rangers are.

Lord Zedd’s plan for the episode (spoiler alert: it failed) was to get the dark glasses to change Billy and Zack’s sight.  They saw the other Power Rangers as putties.  They could not distinguish between their friends and their enemies.  Then Lord Zedd created a monster from the class iguana.  His plan was to tear the team apart from the inside then use this destruction as a distraction while his monster attacked Angel Grove.  It’s a pretty good plan that didn’t work.

The Power Rangers had to deal with the repercussions of Lord Zedd’s plan.  After Zack and Billy tried to fight Kimberly, Jason, and Tommy in the school hallway, they tried to find a way to break the spell.  When Angel Grove got attacked, their temporary plan was to morph because when they suited up, Billy and Zack no longer saw them as putties.  They ended up fighting the iguana monster and defeating it.  Then they solved the sight problem without Billy or Trini’s scientific expertise.

The fights in the episode ranged from good to meh.  As I expected, I enjoyed the putty fighting.  I like watching the American actors doing their martial arts, especially on playgrounds.  The first big putty fight was on a playground.  An added layer to the fight was the possibility that Billy and Zack could end up attacking one of their friends, not knowing which putties were them.  A later putty fight had the Power Rangers in their suits.  It wasn’t as good as the earlier fight, but tried some new things.  The Power Rangers jumped super high, flipped on and off boulders, and there were some bigger falls than usual.  When the iguana monster showed up, there was a fun little fight where Zack and Billy used an ice gun against the monster’s fire breath.  But it was followed by a short, unexciting fight between the Mega ThunderZord and the giant monster.

There wasn’t a whole lot of change brought about in Putty on the Brain.  The episode was fairly self-contained, only adding one minor thing to the Power Rangers’ arsenal.  The ThunderZords had a quick moment in their battle mode.  I don’t believe that had been shown previously.  They had appeared and immediately joined into the Mega ThunderZord in any of their previous appearances.  The battle mode version didn’t really do anything.  It flew around for a bit before changing into the Mega ThunderZord.  But we know it exists, and that’s something.

In the episode, a few weird things stood out.  During the final battle section, Tommy said that he had to stay behind and get recharged.  We never saw him get recharged and he never joined the fight.  Why even mention getting recharged?  Why not just say he didn’t have enough power?  Earlier in the episode, when the iguana was being fed by Bulk and Skull, they buried it in Cheerios.  I don’t know if that’s animal cruelty or not.  It was buried in food, so maybe it liked that.  But the standout weird thing was the power that the glasses had.  Billy and Zack saw the rest of the Power Rangers as putties, but they didn’t see each other as putties.  You might think that the power was only meant for the two of them, so it wasn’t going to make either of them look that way.  However, Bulk and Skull put on the glasses and began to see Billy and Zack as putties.  How come Billy and Zack didn’t see each other that way?  It makes no sense.

The next episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is called Bloom of Doom.  I’m not entirely sure what the episode will be.  It’ll have something to do with flowers.  The title makes it seem that way, at least.  It doesn’t have a Part I attached to it, so the episode will probably be self-contained once again.  I’ll let you know more about it next time, when you come back to read about more Power Rangers fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 4: The Wanna-Be Ranger

When we last left Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Lord Zedd was suffering from his first defeat.  The Power Rangers obtained their ThunderZords and used them to finish off the piranha monster.  Lord Zedd blamed the rest of the moon base inhabitants for his loss.  Except for Rita Repulsa.  She was floating around space in her dumpster singing drinking songs.  Bulk and Skull, on the other hand, are still going to be a menace to the Power Rangers.  They decided that they will unmask the Power Rangers and let the whole world know who they are.  That’s where we’re at.

Now we are into the main stretch of season 2.  The opening three episode arc has concluded, and the next episode is likely to be a standalone story.  I’m okay with that.  After the introduction of so many new elements to the series (ThunderZords, Lord Zedd, new putties), it’ll be a nice chaser.  This episode’s title makes me think that there will be an imposter on the loose in Angel Grove.  I could be way off base with this assessment, but watching the episode is the only way to know.  There likely won’t be any major changes to as the opening three episodes set everything up already.  We’ll see as we watch…

Season 2, Episode 4: The Wanna-Be Ranger
The episode started with the only bit of high school type stuff in it.  The gang was playing basketball at the park when Zack showed up in a baboon costume.  He said it was for a young family member’s birthday.  It felt out of place but was worked in later.

At the Command Centre, the gang found out that Zordon was going to disappear for a while.  That left Alpha 5 in charge.  Alpha took the opportunity to help a lost child in the park.  This crossed over with Bulk and Skull who were walking through the park.  In their only appearance of the episode, they screamed when they met Alpha 5 and ran away.

Lord Zedd chose the baboon costume as his newest monster.  The baboon monster was able to take the form of any Power Ranger.  It used this power to try and convince Alpha 5 to take it (as Billy) to the Command Centre.  Alpha realized that the monster was not Billy and started a self-destruct timer.  The monster then pretended to be Zack and tricked Trini and Kimberly into a putty ambush.  This was when the Power Rangers realized something was amiss.

Most of the Power Rangers storyline involved fighting the monster in various locations.  It pretended to be Trini, Jason, Tommy, and Zack again.  They kept figuring out who was really the monster.  Finally, the monster grew and they pulled out both the Dragonzord and the Mega ThunderZord to defeat it.

The fights in the episode were nothing special.  The most notable thing was that the big monster footage was Zyu2 footage, meaning that anything with the baboon monster was filmed with the season 1 Power Rangers costumes and Zords.  But the current season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers introduced the ThunderZords.  Editing was done to make it look like the Mega ThunderZord was fighting the baboon monster, even though there were no shots that they shared.

This was a self-contained episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as I predicted.  It had no lasting impact on the series as a whole.  The team didn’t change.  Bulk and Skull didn’t unmask anyone.  Zordon left but returned quickly.  Everything is exactly the same at the end of the episode as it was at the start.

There were a couple weird moments that stood out in the episode.  The first was that the Power Rangers were still using their dino morphers.  Having been upgraded to ThunderZords, I expected their morphing segments to be changed to suit the new Zords.  That’s not the case.  It makes sense because they’re still wearing their dino suits.  It just felt odd.  The other strange thing was the mirror that helped defeat the monster.  I didn’t mention it earlier, but while trying to fight the baboon monster, the Power Rangers discovered that it couldn’t impersonate someone else while looking at its own reflection.  Kimberly pulled out a mirror.  When Billy used the mirror later, it was a mirror with the triceratops symbol on it.  Why did Kimberly have a mirror designed for the blue ranger?  It made no sense.

The next episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is called Putties on the Brain.  That seems promising.  I enjoy the fights with putties, so it should be entertaining.  You’ll find out how good it is when the next post goes up.  See you soon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 3: The Mutiny, Part III

In the last episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, we were introduced to the ThunderZords.  Nobody used them, but they exist.  Billy and Trini were working on a device to take control of the original Zords back from Lord Zedd.  The piranha monster made Bulk and Skull ride on runaway four-wheelers.  And the Power Rangers were attacked by the DragonZord and the T-Rex Zord.  It was a dire situation that left a cliffhanger for the next episode.

This is the next episode.  It will conclude The Mutiny.  This is the episode that will wrap up the opening story arc of season two.  Lord Zedd will be defeated for the first time.  The Power Rangers might actually use their ThunderZords.  All this and more is bound to happen.  I’m excited to get to it, so let’s go.

Season 2, Episode 3: The Mutiny, Part III
The most important storyline was the Power Ranger storyline.  Their entire story was setting them up to have the ThunderZords.  After the attack of the last episode, Billy and Trini arrived with the interruption device.  The device didn’t work at first.  Billy noticed that he put a battery into it upside down.  With that fixed, he regained control of the Zords, only to have them thrown through a crack in the Earth and into lava.  The only Zord not destroyed was the DragonZord.  It was sent back out to sea.  Alpha managed to salvage enough of the Zords to finish the ThunderZords, and the Power Rangers got their new machines.

Lord Zedd’s first loss was in this episode.  Though he managed to destroy the old Zords, the ThunderZords proved too powerful for his attack.  He blamed Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo.  Finster made a comment about how his monsters wouldn’t have lost, even though the whole first season was about his monsters losing to the Power Rangers.  Oh, and Rita Repulsa was singing a drinking song in her space dumpster.

After the defeat of the monster, Bulk and Skull were still speeding around on their out of control four-wheelers.  The Power Rangers headed over to where the two were bumbling around and used the signal disruptor to free them.  Bulk and Skull had to double up on a four-wheeler to head for the finish line.  They told Tommy and Kimberly about their plan to unmask the Power Rangers.  This should be a fun season for them.

The high school storyline was the conclusion of the four-wheeler race.  That’s all.  Jason was rocking out on his four-wheeler, doing the devil horns with his left hand as he approached the finish line.

There were two real fights in this episode.  The first was when the piranha monster was controlling the two Zords.  The Power Rangers put together their gun and shot the fishy guy, distracting him long enough for Billy to fix his disruptor.  The other fight was after the piranha monster grew.  The Power Rangers got their ThunderZords and made the Mega ThunderZord.  They fought like any MegaZord fight and defeated the monster.

Two big changes occurred in this episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  The first was the introduction of the ThunderZords and the Mega ThunderZord.  Though we knew about them from the previous episode, this was where the Power Rangers started using them.  They no longer have the DinoZords.  This is a big transition that will last for the next season.  Tommy didn’t get a new Zord.  The other big change was the opening credits.  They got an overhaul.  There are newer clips.  The ThunderZords are incorporated.  Jason David Frank is no longer an afterthought.  He is now in between different Power Rangers.  He is a full part of the show.

Because of these changes, the show will be forever changed.  There is a large impact as a result of this episode.  The credits have changed.  There are new Zords.  Strangely staying the same are the Power Rangers costumes.  Now that the show has moved forward to feature clips from a different Sentai season, it seems odd to not change the costumes.  It feels like the wrong choice.

The strangest part of the episode was that moment I brought up earlier where Rita is singing a drinking song in the space dumpster.  “99 bottles of slime on the wall!”  It’s goofy enough that she sang it.  Then Alpha laughed one of the most annoying laughs ever.  Topping it all off, Zordon laughed and repeated what she said.  Even for a show that goes over-the-top with its comedic material, this seems outrageous.  Usually this kind of stuff is left for Bulk and Skull.  Making other characters this goofy doesn’t work.

Next time, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will probably revert to its good old episodic self.  That’s fine.  After this opening three episode arc, it’ll be nice to cool down with a simple one episode story.  The episode is called The Wanna-be Ranger.  It has me interested.  Come back next time and we’ll talk all about it.  I’ll see you then.  Bye!